Small Town Dicks

No, this podcast is not about a man’s size, though you could assume some of the people discussed in these cases suffered from some syndromes. Each week four friends discuss a new case. The podcast is hosted by Yeardley Smith (her voice might sound familiar) and Zibby Allen. They are joined by twin brothers who also happen to be detectives, Detective Dan, and Detective Dave.  The four take a serious approach towards discussing each case, the victims, motives and ultimately the outcome. 

Although the Podcast is about true crime and covers real cases, the show itself takes place in Small Town USA (pseudo name for an actual city). The names of individuals and certain details were altered to protect the victims and their families—which clearly shows how much they take care to respect the victims.

Yeardly and Zibby include primary resources in their discussion including recorded calls, interrogations, and court testimonies. Detective Dave and Dan add color to the podcast by using their first-hand experience to highlight and draw conclusions. The story telling ability of Yeardly and Zibby, available resources and the experience of Dave and Dan gives the listener a unique view of each case, which is not readily available in many podcasts. On a side note, Yeardley’s voice is great, although sometimes I do feel like I am listening to one of my favorite shows growing up 😉.  

Overall, I think this is one of the top shows for anyone who likes weekly True Crime cases. The episodes are very well researched, and the commentary is engaging and thoughtful. As they uncover each case it brings the listener into the raw reality.  The episodes are manageable, and they release by season, so it gives you something to look forward. I recommended this podcast to my friend who also liked True Crime Garage and Crime Junkie, and he listened to every episode available.   

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