Twisted Britain

When do you normally admit you enjoy listening to True crime with strangers or even friends? Probably not over a conference call or during a family party (well maybe…but really?) Like myself, and probably many others, I tend to chat about my love of true crime after some liquid courage. Twisted Britain is a conversational true crime podcast between two friends at a bar, and where they discovered their love of true crime together. This is something I can certainly relate to.

Bob and Nadine meet fortnightly at The Settle Inn, in Stirling to talk True crime between themselves, and the listener. Nadine and Bob each pick a new case to discuss, and decide who goes first by flipping a coin. What I love about this show is the natural conversation between the two hosts. I tend to listen to the show on weekends while having a few and getting ready–and honestly I feel like I am sitting with them and even find myself talking back.

I am a big fan of the show. A new listener can jump in at any episode–all cases are fairly lesser known so each episode is an adventure. If you really begin to like the show, they started to invite patrons onto the show and participate in the show over a virtual beer.

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Kevin spent his formative years studying finance and accounting. He is an expert in business podcasts, however listens to comedy listen to comedy and sport podcasts.

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