Dumb and Busted

Dumb and Busted– Absolute GOLD

I have found lately that my listening has been dedicated to true crime narration. With the volume of nonfiction narrative storytelling podcasts, it’s easy to miss out on the good conversations around true crime. So when we stumbled on Dumb and Busted, it was quite refreshing. It reminds me of the early days of MFM, except with a quite a bit more edge. They are real. Based out of Portland OR, they have me in tears during their show. 

Hosts Allyson Koplin and Hanah Eather dropped their discussion-based podcast in 2018 and immediately established themselves as fixtures in the podcast community. Adding more fuel to the fire, they have recently added comedian Hunter Donaldson as a third host.  This team of three does not hold back when it comes to their commentary on true crime cases and interesting topics and will quickly draw you into their conversation. Best part is they focus on lesser known crimes–so amongst the laughs you also hear about a new case. 

Take a break your serial killer narrative podcasts, and spend some time with the crew at Dumb and Busted for a fun light-hearted discussion. You will quickly find out that true crime with a side of personality is a good recipe for a few laughs. We highly recommend giving this show a listen.

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