Best True Crime Podcasts for 2019 (So Far)

The Best True Crime Podcasts in 2019

As you know, we love True Crime podcasts at Podfluence. There no discrimination here – we love the popular (consistently ranking) podcasts, and the less familiar underground shows as well. 

With the pumpkin spice latte and sweatshirt season approaching, we wanted to update you with our favorite picks in 2019, so far.

You will find a collection of single seasons (SSS) and killer new recurring shows. We understand way may be missing some podcasts on our list – don’t hesitate to let us know what we are missing. 

(Some of these shows did not first appear in 2019…but there too good to exclude)

Culpable (SSS)

If there is an award for best slow burn podcast of 2019, Culpable is in the running. The team at Tenderfoot TV joined forces with Black Mountain Media for an in depth look at an unsettling case. Is it suicide or homicide? Your guess is as good as ours!

The Shrink Next Door (SSS)

2019 has been flush with some fascinating cases. Unfortunately for all other shows, The Shrink Next Door takes the cake for head scratching stories. The team as Wondry hits another home run with what I consider a must-listen for 2019 podcast listeners. 

22 Hours (SSS)

Certified Fresh. This investigative journalism podcast covers a disturbing break-in and murder in the suburbs of DC. Daron Wint is currently on trial for murdering an entire family and then setting the house on fire. Check this show out as it follows the case through the legal process. WTOP includes court proceedings using transcripts, interviews, and recorded testimony:

Fairly horrifying, so I recommend listening in a happy place. Give it a listen: 

Man in the Window (SSS)

It feels like every True Crime Podcast is reviewing the Goldest State Killer case, and I am feeling a bit of exhaustion on the topic – causing me to skip some of these episodes. 

Not this one.

Wondry and the LA times covers the case differently than any other podcast. Included in the six episode are first hand accounts from detectives, family members and some creeped out neighbors. Primary resources and an inside look at the alleged monster separate this show from others.


Obscura is the perfect podcast as the weather changes and the wind blows on cold dark nights. Justin Drown’s raspy voice carries the listener to a crackling campfire, where he shares gruesome stories. Over the course of thirty minutes, Justin focuses on a new case each episode that is thoroughly researched and matter of fact.

I am usually not one who focuses on this piece, but the unique sounds and distinct voice make the podcast stand out.

Small town dicks:

Each week Yeardley Smith (aka Lisa Simpson) and Zibby Allen are joined by twin brothers who are detectives, Detective Dan, and Detective Dave. What’s unique about this foursome is their industry expertise of the detectives, and the humanization of the victims from Yearly and Zibby.

Aided by primary resources and secondary hand accounts, the delivery is attractive. The four take a serious approach towards each case, discussing the victims, motives and ultimately the outcome. 

Southern Nightmare (SSS)

One of the best investigative journalist podcasts in a hot minute. Richard Foster covers the terror of the South Side Strangler that crippled Richmond, VA in the 1980s. Not only is the show compiled by first hand accounts, but local alternative for news and happenings Style Weekly is a production partner. Why is this interesting? One of their employees was a victim.

Besides the creepy connection, the case is a landmark in forensic investigation. DNA evidence solved the mystery and set the standard for current forensic evidence.

Canadian True Crime

Calling all Canadians and CaseFile fans! (and anyone else that likes true crime).

Kristi Lee narrates this weekly podcast and focuses on crime in…you guessed it Canada. I love the fact that the crimes take place predominantly in one country, so there’s a good chance you are not familiar with them.

Unlike many other true crime podcasts, Kristi gives equal attention to all people victimized by the crime. A key focus is honoring the victims and survivors of the case, a factor we don’t often hear enough of. 


CaseFile is why I started listening to True Crime podcasts. It’s well known in the podcast universe but I always want to take a moment to mention it.

Unlike many other hosts, CaseFile’s host is Anonymous—therefore preventing his personal brand from overshadowing the victims he covers. Every episode is thoroughly researched and attention is given to both the crimes and the victims.   

Crime Junkie

One of the few independent podcasts that cracked the Top 10 in downloads, showing no sign of letting up. This Indiana duo find a great synergy between storytelling, investigation, and discussion.

Host Ashley Flowers and her sidekick Brit represent what many True Crime Fans are: armchair detectives. Their podcast emulates this style, and is what you could expect from an amateur detective.

Court Junkie

Ever wonder what happens during the trial period for most of these true crime cases? Court Junkie is Law and Order in podcast form. Jill LP focuses on the court proceedings, court recordings, witness testimony, personal interviews and much more. Most of the cases are lesser known crimes, where a listener can immerse themselves in every detail.

As a listener, you feel like you are in the witness box and as the case unravels. The show is entirely different from other podcasts because of the emphasis of the court proceedings, so naturally, the show sticks out to me.

UK true crime

A perfect 30 minute fix for fans who like British crime or want to explore lesser known cases. Cases predominantly occurred during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which are aided by historical references at the time of each case. 

Although primary told in single narration backed by personal research, occasionally true crime authors or experts in the field will be on the show.

True Crime Couple

Based out of a Brooklyn basement couple delivers a new show on a bi-weekly basis. They discuss a variety of crimes that include some very well known cases and some lesser known. 

I listened to an episode about a crime in Massachusetts where someone was living in a house without the occupants knowing. I got hooked and have been listening ever since.

Besides the actual cases, the couple let listeners into their lives, so it shares some similarities as MFM. 

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