The Drop Out

Elizbeth Holmes and Theranos, a truly fascinating story. It almost seems too perfect for a podcast. With all the weight of a great story on their shoulders ABC News and host Rebecca Jarvis knock this out of the park. Rebecca and her producers present a well formatted show with all the context you could need. 

The Theranos story is that of greed and pride, and those themes ring true in this podcast. Rebecca and her producers set the tone by helping you understand who Elizabeth Holmes truly is. As fascinating as the Theranos story is, this podcast helps you understand the mind behind it. Through a series of direct audio from Holmes herself you will learn how “the Next Steve Jobs” became the world’s biggest con-woman.

 The Dropout is a great pairing with the HBO documentary The Inventor – both having very appropriate titles to describe Holmes herself. The potential challenge with the Thernos story is how to properly present the material in a concise manner, and the execution to that point is flawless.

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