Although the new installment to the Tenderfoot TV podcast library is solid it has some missteps, but don’t let that take away from the sobering story. In its simplest form the story centers around a young man who was found dead in his apartment. He came from a solid background with a close family, which made his apparent suicide a head scratcher.

Culpable draws it’s format from shows like Up & Vanished (big surprise) making it an easy listen. That said, the show takes some time to set up. It is a rewarding listen as the story evolves, but you need to be ready for that experience. I found Culpable best for a long car ride podcast or commuting show if you are spicing up your daily listens.

Host Dennis Cooper has a slow drawl to his story telling method, creating a very real atmosphere. However, the lasting impression Culpable made on me came in the form of it’s interviews. You will hear from family members and friends about how wonderful the subject, Christian Andreacchio, is and how his death impacted the community – leaving the listener at a loss for words.

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