Slow burn is an investigative podcast produced by Slate media, and each season covers a historical series of events. The first two events covered were slightly scandalous–the Vietnam War from the view of LBJ and the Bill Clinton affair. Both of these historical events are often glossed over in both the news and textbooks. The podcast takes a look at the neglected aspects of well-known events and brings to light pieces previously not mentioned in mainstream media.

I am a millennial and remember the 1990’s as a very fond time. I grew up in a Democratic household and remember my parents speaking about the Clinton affair. Even in high school classes, it is glossed over. Slow Burn covers the matter over eight full episodes. The sources of truth include first-hand interviews with Monica’s co-workers, former attorneys and others who were actually involved in the event. The narration, production, and flow are excellent.

Slow Burn ranked as one of the top downloaded shows in 2017 and 2018 for a reason. It is one of the best podcasts available, and appeals to a wide audience (both conservatives and liberals alike). The second look at the Clinton affair is bound to stir up debate, and the bonus episodes bring in experts to discuss. In the time of the Me To movement, the Clinton affair is more relevant than ever. I am excited to find out what event the next season will cover. If you like history, American politics or are a Malcolm Gladwell, I highly recommend listening to the show.  

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