Hands down the first season of CrimeTown is my favorite podcast and ranked as one of the top shows in 2017. Crime Town is produced by Gimlet Media and hosted by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier. You may recognize Marc as the director behind the hit HBO documentary “The Jinx” (Of course I killed them all!). The sow looks at how organized crime has shaped particular American cities. The first season looked at the city of Providence and the second season is about Cleveland. My glowing review only pertains to season 1. Unfortunately, the second season is exclusively on Spotify and never made it to the top 100 (that is what you get for trying to restrict access!).

Many people do not know, but La Castra Nostra (the mob organization) is based out of Providence Rhode Island. To this day you can still find recent arrests about organized crime. In the 1980s, crime ruled the city even up to the mayor. The show goes through both well known and little known organized crime figures and events in Providence. Many of the characters are still alive and are included in the show. I am a bit biased because I went to college in Providence, but the shows #1 ranking demonstrates I am not the only fan. It is hard to believe that in a Rhode Island suburb there was a naked cocaine party inside while a pack of wolves patrolled the property. Unfortunately, a helicopter broke this bash up.

Anyone who is interested in listening to podcasts needs to listen to the first season of CrimeTown. I was slightly depressed after the show ended, especially since I watched the Jinx prior. I highly recommend to check this show out if you like podcasts, the mafia, TrueCrime or really anything.

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