Black Hands

By far the creepiest beginning of any podcast. Black Hands is a ten-part investigative podcast about the Bain murders. The Bain murders took place in 1994 in New Zealand and divided the country. Five members of an ordinary family were viciously gunned down. In this podcast, Martin van Beynen explores the case and tries to come to a conclusion. Was the killer part of the dead from a single bullet wound, or was it the only survivor? Or was it someone else.

Martin picks through evidence, the mysteries and the possible motives behind the case. He includes recorded court testimony, old interviews and new interviews with never before spoken to witnesses.  The case literally tore New Zealand in half, and became the cover of every tabloid magazine across the country, and you can feel the emotion as the podcast introduces each testimony, witness and source. These sources together produce a compelling narrative for any True Crime fan. I never heard of this case before the podcast, and it is another example of a fascinating case that slipped through the cracks of other shows.

The podcast was one of the top ranked shows in 2016. Although other recent shows may run a bit smoother, it is worth a download, especially if you have visited or have a connection to New Zealand. Overall, a great single season podcast.

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