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Crime Town’s first season ranks as my favorite podcast series to date. I am a bit biased because I spent my formative years strolling the streets of Providence, and the show gave the city some much-needed spotlight. Crimetown’s RFK tapes were the first attempt by the podcast to produce a separate show. The show focuses on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, the younger brother of JFK. Most of the show is spent investigating the night of the murder and the motives of the alleged perpetrator, Sirhan Sirhan. Conspiracy theory.

Gimlet Media and Cadence 19 produce this podcast together with hosts  Zac Stuart-Pontier (​Crimetown​) and Bill Klaber (author, ​Shadow Play​). The duo investigates the night of the murder and if Sirhan Sirhan actually committed the crime. Zac and Bill track down police, witnesses and evidence from the night. The first-hand interviews after nearly sixty years help tell a story different than what was printed. The podcast centers around if Sirhan Sirhan actually committed the crime, and if he did was he under the influence of a foreign agent. It very much brings you back to the red scare of the 1960s, secret spies and a realistic conspiracy theory.

Zac and Bill each have different beliefs about what happened that night. Through the facts given, interviews and testimony, they leave the listener to decide what happened that night. If you like history and conspiracy theories, I would check the show out.

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