American Scandal

American Scandal is an investigate podcast produced by Wondery. The show focuses on some of the most embarrassing government and private sector scandals of the last fifty years, and you likely will be familiar with the affair. The first three seasons of the show feature BALCO (Steriods), the Iran Contra Affair and NY State corruption. I listened to Season 2, the NY State corruption series. Throughout five episodes, the show investigates multiple government scandals in the NY state legislature and how some of the best known and rising politicians ultimately were accused, tried and convicted of various scandals. Unbeknownst to me, New York is the most corrupt state in the country: Prostitution, kickbacks, and perjury were prevalent in Albany, and likely still exist.

The show’s style, flow, and production are very similar to another show produced by Wondery, Business Wars. Multiple voice actors read through transcripts and re-enact events supported by first-hand news recordings of each scandal. Wondery does an excellent job researching, writing and acting each episode. Unlike Business Wars, I enjoyed each chapter and eager to learn more about the scandal. Think American Greed, but for podcasts.

Overall, a very entertaining show. I am not sure if I would listen to another season, because I am not a fan of voice actors. However, if you like American Greed, it would be worth a try.

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