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Formerly an independent podcast but now part of the Wondry podcast network. True Crime All the Time is a no thrills podcast hosted by Mike “Gibs” Gibson and Mike Ferguson. I mention the new partnership as a testament to how quickly the show has grown. The show is an unbiased look at both famous and lesser-known crimes using the research done by Gibs and Ferguson. Although they cover the cases in depth, they also pay homage to the victims of the crime, rather than glorifying the victims. They also spend time going into the background of the killers, trying to figure out what made each of them killers tick. The goal of the show is to give a 360 view of each case, rather than just a top ten list of murders for each serial killer.

Unlike other duo hosts (MFM, TCG), Gibs and Ferguson do not take themselves too seriously. They both will be the first to admit that they are not experts, but try their best to research the cases. It is a refreshing difference than many other shows, and one of the reasons they have a key following.

The show is growing each month, and the later episodes are much different from the original events. The production quality is sound (especially now since it is part of Wondry) and the research is thorough.  Very similar to Crime Junkie.

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