Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime is a weekly podcast hosted by the very talented Esther Ludlow. One of the factors that helps Once Upon a Crime stand out from other podcasts is Esther’s narration style. Her smooth and concise delivery draws the listener into each episode. The storytelling is delivered in a manner that keeps the listener hanging on every word.

The subjects of cases covered in Once Upon a Crime vary. Most cases will be new to true crime fans, but occasionally, Esther will cover a famous case. Most recently the case behind the movie Alpha Dog. What is also great ? Once Upon a Crime follows a theme for each month. For example, October was Rocktober, covering cases about famous musicians. One of my personal favorite episodes is recently from October – The Bob Marley Assassination Attempt. Highly recommended for true crime fans.

Beyond the narration style, the podcast stands out because of how well researched each episode is. Esther tells each case strictly by the facts and does not make assumptions. She provides her sources in the show notes, for those that want to do further research. Not in the mood for the gory details? No problem, Esther skips all of that and gets right to the center of the case for all you purists.

Overall, Once Upon a Crime is a home run in the production and storytelling categories. Given the professional scope of each episode, this is a great podcast to listen to in the car with your kids. Esther avoids all of the sensationalism and delivers an informative, interesting, and great true-crime podcast.

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