Aaron Hernandez is one of the most complicated individuals ever to wear a New England Patriots jersey, and this podcast covers the entire story in complete detail. I am a bit biased because I am a huge Patriots fan, but I could not stop listening to this podcast. The podcast is produced by Wondery and the Spot Light team from the Boston Globe. The same spotlight team that broke the Catholic sexual abuse scandal, and recently released the Last Seen podcast. It is a must download.

Aaron Hernandez’s story contains sexual abuse, physical drug abuse, gang relations, repressed sexuality, murder, mental health and finally the role of CTE in active NFL players. On the surface he looked like he had it all–however, underneath the surface he was being haunted by personal demons. The reporters did an excellent job covering his childhood events which ultimately shaped whom he became. From a young age, he learned football was not only a way out of poverty but also a way for indemnity. He grew up in an abusive household and originally wanted to be a cheerleader before his father squashed the idea.

Many people are familiar with the murder of Odin Lloyd, but not a double homicide in Boston. The demons and abuses Hernandez was going through blew up at a nightclub, where he ultimately murdered two individuals. This event would shape the next two years of his life, ending with the murder conviction for Odin Lloyd.

The podcast is truly stellar. The reporting is thorough, and the production quality is professional. An excellent podcast for any sports fan, mental health professional or someone looking for a good binge.

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