True Crime Couple

Based out of a New Jersey basement, the true crime couple deliver a new show on a bi-weekly basis. Kay leads listeners through famous true crimes, with her husband John adding color commentary. The show is on the newer side, and already has a strong following. Crimes typically include many of the famous cases, as well as some lesser known. I listened to an episode about a crime in Massachusetts where someone was living in a house without the occupants knowing. I got hooked and have been listening ever since.

I like the show because you get more than true crime. Like MFM and other shows, John and Kay allow listeners into their lives. It’s interesting to not only follow a show, but follow those who create the content you download. Because of this, the show is quickly gaining a strong following, and not only in Brooklyn. Their natural chemistry (they are married after all) allows you to become part of the conversation.

Overall each episode is thoroughly researched and well-articulated, rather than how some podcasts tend to ramble on about their own opinion and irrelevant facts. John and Kay passionately tell a story for their audience, and the LENGTH makes it an easy commitment to download each week. There are not many shows less than an hour anymore, which makes it that much easier to commit to every episode. Make sure to check it out!

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My name is Chris and I'm a co-founder at Podfluence. I love true crime podcasts and following this industry.

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