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Did you know the largest art heist in history took place in Boston in 1990 at a small museum called the Elizabeth Steward Garnder Museum? Neither did I, and I listened to all ten episodes over the course of two days. The podcast contains a TrueCrime fan’s dream: art heists, police imposters, mobsters, sprinkled with some art history to give light to the street value of the missing paintings ($500M). The podcast is a joint venture by two Boston based media companies, the Boston Globe and WBUR. The two companies shared journalistic resources to put together this ten episode, sixty minutes per episode podcast.

What I like about this podcast the most, is it uncovered new facts about the case. I will not go through the entire case itself (wiki it), but the hosts freshly deliver content with multiple primary resources interviewed about the incident. Interviews include the guards tied up during the heist, former Boston mobsters, a former FBI chief, art experts and those affected by the case. The reporters take listeners through intimate details of the initial heist, the possible characters involved and finally their opinion on where the art may lie today.

The podcast ends with a live Q & A with the reporters and multiple people you meet over the show. They draw their conclusions about what happened that St. Patrick’s Day Night (talk about the perfect time to rob a place in Boston) and ultimately where the art may rest. An absolute must listen.

Recommended Episode: From the beginning

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