The raspy voice of Justin Drown makes the stories he covers in his podcast Obscura terrifying. When listening to the podcast, I feel like I am sitting across from him at a campfire telling each other horror stories. He narrates this weekly podcast over the course of thirty minutes, focusing on a new case each episode. Obscura covers both cases you most certainly will recognize, while other chapters focus on crimes I did not know (but equally as disturbing, if not more). Although only thirty episodes, the podcast keeps evolving and improving.

Unlike other new podcasts, the production quality is tremendous. I am usually not one who focuses on this piece, but the unique sounds and distinct voice make the podcast stand out. Each episode follows the through the facts of the case aided by primary resources. Obscura does not try to push jokes or make it an entertainment podcast like MFM. His team thoroughly researches the episodes because they do not ignore any facts available about the case. For a newer Podcast with unknown funding, it rocks.

I would recommend giving this a shot if you like single narrator True Crime Podcasts. Although not up to the quality of CaseFile and Canadian True Crime, I am sure Obscura will keep growing and improving as a show.

Recommended Episodes: The Murder of Ennis Cosby

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