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NPR politics is the only political show I listen to and will probably remain the only one. The hardest part of finding a podcast about politics is identifying a show that fits your taste. The amount of content available can be overwhelming, and hundreds of shows fall all over the political spectrum. I tend to consider myself an independent and like to form my own opinion on legislative actions and policies. NPR Politics show follows a round-table discussion style show, so a listener can feel like they are part of the conversation. The style helps someone form their own opinions, rather than digesting spun content from either a liberal or conservative back media outlet.

Each week NPR’s political reporters talk to each other about recent events at the Hill. The discussions span across the political spectrum and the hosts each have their own opinion. At times, I find myself talking back to specific reporters (Mara Liasson and I do not agree on many things). The biweekly show gives the audience things they need to be aware of to start the week, followed by a Thursday weekly roundups.

Overall, make sure to check out this podcast if you like American politics. If you are conservative or very liberal, this may not be the podcast for you. However, if you like slightly unbiased coverage on what is going on at Federal Hill, I would give this a download.

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