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Each morning political journalist Michael Barbaro brings listeners up to speed with the latest news. The show primarily covers stories in the United States across both domestic and political verticals. These topics are condensed in twenty minutes, so the show is perfect for any morning commute. I always feel pretty informed by the time I walk into the office and is invaluable for the water cooler.

The Daily is based on interviews with New York Time’s journalists. The journalist’s recap and comment on their stories. Each story is accompanied by recordings related to the topic, or primary resources such as interviews with persons involved in the story. The podcast usually concludes with a summary of headlines.

Overall, I like the show enough to listen a few times a week. However, I am pretty moderate across the board, and the show is very left. I bring this up because some of my friends have been turned off by the show because of the bias demonstrated in individual stories. I would check this show out, and if you need something unbiased, I recommend Up First.

Recommended Listening: Check out today’s episode!

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