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Hands down my favorite podcast for any entrepreneur. Each week Guy Raz sits down with an established business owner (i.e. Airbnb, Mark Cuban). Done in an interview format, Guy asks questions about how the person started and built their business empire. The episodes are easy to digest, and I always find the stories pretty entertaining. In short, this one you should add to your weekly regiment.

Each episode starts a short clip of the owner describing the problem that could have derailed their entire business. My personal favorite is the Mark Cuban episode, and Mark alludes that he got fired from his first job because he was caught stealing information. All episodes start at the beginning of the business founding, and Guy walks through from the start to present with these owners and the challenges they faced. I am always amazed at how many problems these people met, and am fascinated with the smart solutions. For example, Airbnb founders created branded cereal for the 2008 Presidential Election and used that money to pay down their credit card debts from Airbnb.

The guests he interviews are by far the best part, and you most likely will recognize 95% of all the businesses on the show:  Airbnb, Way Fair, Method Cleaning, Southwest Airlines, and Chucky Cheese, etc. My only complaint is the show does not drill down into some of the actual business operations. I highly recommend anyone who has an entrepreneurial trait in their body to check out this show.

Recommended Listening: AirBnB and Mark Cuban

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