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Dan Cummings creates a superb blend of history, comedy and true crime in his weekly podcast. He focuses on historical events with a comedic narrative about mysterious and disturbing events in the past. My personal favorite is the Roanoke episode and Lizzie Borden

Dan Cummins hosts Time Suck, and each week dives into a single historical event. He is a comedian by trade and approaches each show in an entertaining style. Throughout two hours, he covers a wide variety of topics including serial killers, historical events, enduring mysteries, paranormal encounters, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and more – nothing is off limits. He dives into each case and brings to light many forgotten facts and details.

The show is similar to Small Town Crime and a history show. Production quality, research, and narrative are all entertaining, and he covers every detail about the case. I enjoyed the DB Cooper case the most–I always am fascinated by bank robberies. If you had in sky diving during a storm over the Pacific Northwest, you could not go wrong.

I am not sure how I feel about the show. Anytime you commit two hours of your life to something, it better be for something important. I always like shows less than an hour long. However, just because I am not a fan, if you like history and true crime with comedy, it is an absolute must

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