Still At Large

Still At Large

Technology has allowed the world around us to get smaller and has given us all access to parts of the world we would never have previously imagined. Still at Large gives listeners a look into unsolved British Murder Cases. Host Desmond Brambley is an exquisite storyteller, English accent aside, and carefully walks you through unsolved murders that have haunted the Brits for years.

Still at Large holds no punches when it comes to case research. Desmond does a great job of scripting each episode and giving the listener all of the viewpoints of the given subject matter. Often times he will state that he learned something from his research but also share similar statements as well. This helps give the listener the full scope of view of the episode content.

The drawbacks to Still at Large are limited. If you aren’t interested in murder outside of the US, then this will probably not be the show for you. The production can be challenging at times as it almost sounds like Desmond is recording the show on his phone in a dark room.

Overall, the content and research on Still at Large is reliable if you like international crimes that are still unsolved.

Recommended Listening: Episode 5: Linda Cook 1986

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