True Crime Garage

A couple of guys cracking beers in their garage shooting the shit about a True Crime story. Each week the pair features a different beer selected by listeners. A new discussion takes place each week about a famous True Crime case, and often times a single case will be multiple parts. Nic and the captain guide the listener through a story, backed by their research.

The pair is fairly opinionated about each case, and like MFM the show produces passionate fans. The episodes do not contain primary resources and are at the mercy of their individual research. Nic and the Captain sometimes agree about a case, and other times they have differing opinions about events, The banter creates some tension to draw the audience. The show’s audio production is solid and the conversation is always smooth.

With over 250 episodes, True Crime Garage is one more popular TC podcasts. I would tie their style to a watered down version of My Favorite Murder for guys. I would recommend checking it out for a few of the earlier episodes and take it from there. I initially liked the previous episodes, but feel the show’s style slightly changed to play to the base. If you want to kick back with your friends and talk True Crime than flick this show on and grab a beer for  the next 90 minutes.

Overall, the show does a good job at researching the cases and presenting the facts. The hosts are entertaining, but opinionated. If you listen to three episodes, you will find yourself either waiting eagerly for the next episode to drop, or unsubscribing

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