The Teacher’s Pet

The most downloaded True Crime podcast since Serial. The Teacher’s Pet is a must listen for any True Crime enthusiasts, or someone is looking for a thriller.

Hosted by Australian journalist Hedley Thomas, the investigative podcast looks at the mysterious 1982 disappearance of Lynnette Dawson. She disappeared without a trace, but suspicions came to the surface after more details about her husband — rugby league star Chris Dawson became public knowledge.

Lynette appeared to be the proud mother of two toddlers and the happy wife of Chris Dawson. One day she vanished out of thin air, and her husband delayed in reporting her disappearance. He believed she ran off and did not think he needed to communicate her disseverance. However, shortly after her departure, many facts started to come out in the small town cast doubt on Chris Dawson’s original story that his wife just moved away. Without saying too much some of these details include an affair with a sixteen-year-old babysitter, a high-school student abuse sex ring, and ignored sexual allegations.

Similar to Up & Vanished, the Podcast sought to shed light on a well known cold case. Over the course of fifteen episodes, Thomas conducts interviews with primary resources including family members, victims, and neighbors. His work attracted an audience of over 22 M downloads, which recently led to Chris Dawson’s arrest.

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