My Favorite Murder

Out of all the True Crime Shows out there, this show probably causes the most division among True Crime fans. Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the two hosts cover a new case each week over the course of 120 minutes with a comediac style. People either hate the show, or are utterly obsessed.  The fans of the show are called “murderinos”, and one could argue the fans are the most loyal of any podcast (other than Joe Rogan fans).

The hostess are very talented entertainers, and spend the first part of the podcast talking about themselves and their personal lives. They will chat and joke, and give an update about items they discussed the week prior. This is where the division is caused for fans. I think the audience either will be hooked within a few minutes or will turn off and delete the show from their library. Yes, it is that decisive.

In the past year Karen and Georgia expanded out of Podcasts. The pair host live shows, events and even wrote a book. Because of their additional entertainment endeavors, many find the show to be very different than when it first started. I would recommend listening to either an early episode or a recent one, because I find them to be two very different shows. Personally, I like True Crime shows that are humorless however if you like comedic podcasts, this may one to check out.

Similar podcasts would be Wine and Crime, True Crime Garage, And That’s Why We Drink

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