Dr. Death

This is one of the most disturbing and unsettling stories to ever occur in Texas. As a patient, you naturally trust the Doctor and their experience. After all, to become a doctor, someone must dedicate their life to studying to gain accreditation and then applying those skills in a real setting. Christopher Duntsch propelled in the classroom and was one of the most sought-after physicians after graduating as a neurosurgeon. He moved Texas and quickly became known as a miracle worker. Or so he proclaimed.

In actuality, Dr. Duntsch inadvertently exposed the significant flaws in the healthcare system. The podcast is produced by Wondry and reported by Laura Bell. Laura dives into one of the most unknown and now notorious cases. Thirty-three people were affected by Dr. Death. She exposes the problems in the education system, physician scorecards, insurance agency all of which create our current healthcare system. In short, the Dr. did not have the educational background to conduct surgery, and then his substance-fueled greed made him into a killer. The case is ongoing right now, so there is additional episodes to update the following on the case.

If you have not heard about this podcast, it ran on the charts all summer and fall. It is one of the most downloaded podcasts since Serial, and rightly so. The intriguing reporting, interviews, plot make this one of the best true crime shows that cover a specific case. This is an absolute must download and will be great material for the office water cooler or airplane talk.

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