The podcast was rated as the #1 TrueCrime Podcast for a reason. The host focuses on a single case each week exemplified by the fact the host goes by Anonymous. I started listening to the podcast two years ago after a recommendation on the Joe Rogan podcast. From the little details given by the host, he is from Australia and friends with Rogan and a few other UFC fighters. However, those facts are not mentioned after the first few episodes (now with over 100)

What makes this podcast great is the research and dedication given to each episode over the course of 60-90 minutes. The narrator clearly cares about each case. The first few dozen episodes are focused in Australia. Being from the United States, I was not familiar with many of the victims or their stories. However, over time he branches out to cases across the world. Episodes cover fairly well-known cases. Yet the research done gives the listener a fresh feel for each case.

People tend to enjoy the single narration style, rather than multiple people going back and forth. The podcast takes a very accurate approach, which may be a turn off for those who like the True Crime and Comedy podcasts like LPOTL and MFM. Overall, the production quality is solid, but nothing out of the ordinary. I think it is because the host wants to focus on the cases, rather than their personal brand. There are so many good episodes out there, both single episodes and multi-part series that it is hard to pick a favorite. However, the Moor murders and the Silk Road series are both absolutely must listen.

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