My Brother, My Brother And Me

Who doesn’t know of this amazing podcast? Listen in complete enjoyment as the three McElroy brothers answer strange questions from their listeners as well as sourcing even more unusual queries online.

My Brother, My Brother and Me is the kind of show where they offer intentionally bad advice, as listeners take into account their revered status as popular personalities from several other podcasts, including their Dungeons and Dragons podcast, The Adventure Zone. Feel free to read my Podfluencer Review here.

In My Brother, My Brother and Me (abbreviated to MBMBaM by it’s fans and loving hosts), shines true to the quirky brand of comedy the McElroys are comfortable and at home. If you’re the kind of listener that enjoys rapidfire, bizarre jokes, with a lighthearted overtone, the brothers in many ways feel like they are my close friends. And, I am not the only one… their flavorful media has inspired essays, and a live-action TV show was made to accompany the podcast via the online platform VRV (originally via Seeso).

Not convinced? Try starting with the iconic episode “MBMBaM 367: Shrimp! Heaven! Now!”

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